Your Weight Loss Journey

Starting to lose weight is a big step, and we know it’s different for everyone. At Your Health Bolton, we get that everyone has their own story.

We’re here to offer advice and support tailored to your individual goals and experiences.

We’ll find ways that work best for you, cheer for every little win, and enjoy the achievements together.

Let’s go towards being healthier and happier, together.

Flexible support around you

At Your Health Bolton, we understand that everyone is unique.

We provide support that adapts to your lifestyle, offering flexible advice on nutrition and fitness that’s specially designed for you.

We understand that your challenges can influence your path to well-being.

Instead of offering the same solution to everyone, we provide a more flexible and balanced approach.

You won’t find any strict diets or rigid routines here. We focus on sustainable changes that work well with your daily life, ensuring you maintain good health and energy.

Who we can support

*Our free weight loss programmes are available to:

Local Residents

Aged 18 and over

Have A BMI over 25 (or above 23 for members of ethnic minority communities) up to a BMI of 34.5.

Click ‘Eligibility Info’ below to find out more information regarding our Sign-Up criteria.

‘Check BMI’ will take you the the NHS BMI Calculator.

If we can support you, please contact us today and start your journey towards better health.

If you’re not eligible for one of our programmes, there’s still plenty of support just click HERE.

Complete A 'My Story' Appointment

Once you have completed the booking form, one of our friendly team will give you a call, or invite you to an online meeting, (whatever you choose) to have a chat about 'Your Story' so far.

Your lifestyle coach will coach discuss what your options might include such as; in-person or online classes, additional online exercise classes, one-to-one guidance, support via our App (Coming Soon).

Start Your Programme

The majority of our members go on to join a 12 week online or in person group programme. These programmes typically run for an hour to 90 mins, covering a series of health topics and an exercise class.

Your coach will also work with you to review you diet, tailor exercises and provide you with personal recommendations on your health journey.

Next Steps

Once you have completed our programme we will provide guidance on your next steps.

We will regularly check in with you to see how you're getting on. We'll offer advice and provide you with resources that will help you continue on your journey towards better health.

This is 'My Story'

Whilst you're with us, we will support you every step of the way.

We want you to feel great, lose weight, be more active but above all we want you to be proud to say

'This is My Story'

Tell Us Your Story

Your Story

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Your Community

Let's Do This Together