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We can offer support for the whole of Bolton, but the level of support differs from person to person. 

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Although you may not meet the criteria for one of our programmes, there’s still plenty of resources and support available.

Weight loss: Exclusion Criteria

There are some reasons why a person might not be able to join the Bolton weight management program, these are:

  • BMI below 25 (or below 23 for ethnic communities) or above 34.5
  • Uncontrolled alcohol or drug dependency.  A referral to alcohol or drug services should be considered.
  • Poorly controlled major mental health illness, such as psychosis, severe depression, bulimia nervosa.  A referral to mental health services should be considered.
  • Chronic kidney disease stage 4+ requiring specialist renal dietetic advice.
  • Diagnosed eating disorder, or clear indication at initial assessment​
  • Newly diagnosed or uncontrolled hypothyroidism (medical management required)​
  • Cushing’s syndrome.  Referral to be made to GP for onward referral to endocrinology​
  • Decompensated liver disease requiring specialist hepatic dietetic advice.
  • Current/recent Cancer diagnosis