I'm not eligible.
What can I do?

Unfortunately, we can’t support everyone in our specialist programmes.

But there’s still plenty of support for Bolton residents. 

Free Resources

We have plenty of resources that can help you to reduce your weight and live a healthier life. Recipes, podcasts, workouts and more, we’ve got you covered. 

So, if your BMI is on the higher side of our criteria, see if you can start making a few changes with the help of our resources. As soon as your BMI drops below 34.5 just get in touch and we’ll book your ‘My Story‘ appointment.

Let’s Keep Bolton Moving is here to support and encourage the people of Bolton to positively change their lives through moving more or making adjustments to improve their health and wellbeing locally. 

Find opportunities to be physically active, socialise in your community, improve your mental health, as well as volunteering opportunities and becoming a local Community Champion!

NHS - Better Health

Healthy changes start with little changes. Whether you want to lose weight, get active or quit smoking, Better Health is here with lots of free tools and support.

There has never been a better time to kickstart your health. Let’s do this!

NHS - Digital Weight Management

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme supports adults living with obesity who also have a diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension or both, to manage their weight and improve their health.

It is a 12-week online behavioural and lifestyle programme that people can access via a smartphone or computer with internet access.

NHS - Healthier You Diabetes Programme

Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is free to people at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

You may have been identified as at risk by your GP, a health professional or by using the Check Your Risk test.

NHS - Gaining Weight

Gaining weight can be difficult for some people. With a few changes, you can gradually reach a healthy weight.

Being underweight could mean you’re missing out on vitamins and minerals.

This could lead to health problems such as a weak immune system and bone fractures.


Wholesome Flavours: Dive into recipes created for your wellness journey.


Empower Your Movement: Explore workouts  to energise your wellness path.


Listen, Learn, Thrive: Dive into podcasts that inspire and guide your wellness journey.


Watch, Explore, Achieve: Our expert team help you create your wellness path.


Advice, Tips, Support: Discover fact from fiction to help you make better choices.

Who we can support

*Our free weight loss programmes are available to:

Local Residents

Aged 18 and over

Have A BMI over 25 (or above 23 for members of ethnic minority communities) up to a BMI of 34.5.

Click ‘Eligibility Info’ below to find out more information regarding our Sign-Up criteria.

If we can support you, please contact us today and start your journey towards better health.