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We’ve created a range of free downloads, linked to some of our favourite sites, and you can book our free workshops. 

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Recipes, podcasts, workouts and more. Discover what we have to offer to support your journey.


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Find out how the people of the Bolton community are making healthy changes.

Let’s Keep Bolton Moving is here to support and encourage the people of Bolton to positively change their lives through moving more or making adjustments to improve their health and wellbeing locally. 

Find opportunities to be physically active, socialise in your community, improve your mental health, as well as volunteering opportunities and becoming a local Community Champion!

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Flexible support around you

At Your Health Bolton, we understand that everyone is unique.

We provide support that adapts to your lifestyle, offering flexible advice on nutrition and fitness that’s specially designed for you.

We understand that your challenges can influence your path to well-being.

Instead of offering the same solution to everyone, we provide a more flexible and balanced approach.

You won’t find any strict diets or rigid routines here. We focus on sustainable changes that work well with your daily life, ensuring you maintain good health and energy.

Who we can support

*Our free weight loss programmes are available to:

Local Residents

Aged 18 and over

Have A BMI over 25 (or above 23 for members of ethnic minority communities) up to a BMI of 34.5.

Click ‘Eligibility Info’ below to find out more information regarding our Sign-Up criteria.

If we can support you, please contact us today and start your journey towards better health.